Ship's wheel keyboard emulator

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Project: Ship's wheel keyboard emulator (I)
Description: Mechanism and electronics to turn a ship's wheel's motions into USB keyboard key strokes for the Range Lights Interactive Museum Display
Skillset(s) :

3D Modelling 3D Printing Arduino Electronics Making Programming

Project Type(s) :

Interactive Display Museum Display

This ship's wheel is an independent component of the Range Lights Interactive Museum Display for the Selkirk Marine Museum. When the wheel is turned it generates "R" or "L" key strokes.

A similar setup could be used to turn other wheel, handle or general physical object movements into keystrokes to input into a computer or simulator.

How we did it

We designed, 3d printed and integrated the hall sensors into the wheel. We build the electronic circuit to connect the sensors to the Arduino. We also provided the electronics and programming for the Arduino to measure the wheel movement via quadrature encoding.

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