Range Lights Interactive Museum Display

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Project: Range Lights Interactive Museum Display (I)
Description: A display where a ship's wheel controls a virtual ship on a screen to demonstrate how Range Lights work
Skillset(s) :

3D Modelling 3D Printing Arduino Electronics Graphic Design Making Programming Python Raspberry Pi

Project Type(s) :

Interactive Display Museum Display

This project is in progress as of 2022-03.

The Selkirk Marine Museum asked us to set up a display about Range Lights, maritime navigation aids that help a vessel stay in a channel. We set up an Interactive Display that uses an Arduino to detect the movement of a ship's wheel, which lets the user control a display created in Pygame on a Raspberry Pi that simulates steering a ship to bring it in line with a set of range lights.

The museum provided an antique ship's wheel for this. We designed, 3d printed and integrated the hall sensors into the wheel to measure the wheel movement via quadrature encoding. We also provided the graphics and video components for the game.

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