Block Heater Plug Mount

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Project: Block Heater Plug Mount (I)
Description: A way to mount the block heater plug on the bumper
Skillset(s) :

3D Modelling 3D Printing

Project Type(s) :

Personal Project

It gets pretty cold where I live, to cars have block heaters. It gets pretty cold where I live, so wresteling with stiff cold cables while wearing mittens is no fun. Usually the plug from the block heater just dangles out from under hood or bumper, and you need to wrangle both it and the extension cord to plug it in. Also, the plug swings around and scratches up your car.

I 3D Modelled a body for a standard replacement plug, 3D Printed it and replaced the plug on my car with this.

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Here is a closer look at the insides: