Wake Lamp

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Project: Wake Lamp (I)
Description: Ceiling lamp based on what a resting rowing shell would look like from under water.
Skillset(s) :

3D Modelling 3D Printing Arduino Laser Cutting Shape Extraction

Project Type(s) :

Personal Project

I reviewed videos and photos to understand what this would actually look like. Then I 3D modelled the belly of a rowing shell and the blades of some oars and 3D printed them. I Laser cut (or rather engraved) the shapes of the waves around the shell and the oars out of a sheet of translucent acrylic. I glued the 3d printed parts on the bottom of the acrylic sheet. Then I built the body of the lamp, and installed RGB LEDs against a randomly reflective background out of crushed up aluminum foil. I then programmed an Arduino to create the appearance of the change of colour and flickering under water in the LEDs.

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  • File:Wake Lamp.mp4, but the camera actually processes against the subtle changes in lighting, so not a very good representation.