Training Materials for Rowing Umpires

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Project: Training Materials for Rowing Umpires (I)
Description: Tabletop training kit for rowing umpires
Skillset(s) :

Graphic Design Laser Cutting Vinyl Cutting

Project Type(s) :

Featured Project Interactive Display

Rowing Canada Aviron contracted us to design and produce a tabletop training exercise kit to use in the training of all rowing umpires in Canada. We produced about 20 of these over the course of 2 cycles over 5 years.

We set up durable tabletop maps for a classic 2000m rowing course and for coastal rowing that is run more like a sailing regatta, and a kit of acrylic scenario markers to simulate scenarios an umpire might encounter during a regatta.

How we did it

We provided the Graphic Design for the maps and the scenario markers . We produced the maps by Vinyl Cutting shapes that we then applied to durable sign backing. We laser cut the scenario markers out of acrylic.

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