Stained Glass Backlighting Display

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Project: Stained Glass Backlighting Display (I)
Description: Battery operated display that uses a rope pull to turn on an audio file and LED backlighting.
Skillset(s) :

Arduino Electronics

Project Type(s) :

Interactive Display Museum Display

The St. Andrews Heritage Centre wanted a battery operated display for a stained glass panel that would fade on lights and play church bells when a rope is pulled. The light then dims back down and the church bells end after a period.

We set up the mechanism to pull the rope to trigger a hall sensor, which is read by an Arduino. The Arduino then provides a PWM signal to an LED driver to fade on a string of LEDs, and starts to play an MP3 file of the church bells. The display is powered by a USB battery pack which

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Stained Glass Backlighting Display internals

Click this link for a video of the display