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Project: Squirrelslair wiki (I)
Description: This wiki
Skillset(s) :

Mediawiki Programming

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Mediawiki Project

This wiki is both a content management system for our protfolio, but also a demonstration of some of the solutions that can be built in a wiki.

The wiki has a front facing portion, and an internal side for shop notes and unfinished projects that should be of no interest to anyone but us. The internal portion is made to be accessible while logged in only via Mediawiki Extension Lockdown.

The Mediawiki Extension Cargo is used to store some parts of the site as structured data so it can be re-used elsewhere. All the projects are stored in the Project Table using Template:Project, which encodes the data in a way that allows other pages like Project Types to list them. When a project is added or edited, the other pages update automatically.

Mediawiki uses a markup language that can be a bit confusing, so Mediawiki Extension PageForms is used to facilitate editing of the project pages in Form:Project. Only logged-in users can edit the pages, but any viewer can see what the form looks like, e.g. follow this link for the form for this page.

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