Self-answering Phone

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Project: Self-answering Phone (I)
Description: Rotary dial phone that pays sound files
Skillset(s) :

Arduino Electronics Programming

Project Type(s) :

Featured Project Interactive Display

The operator of an escape room asked us to update an old rotary phone so it would play a message if the right number was dialed, and a busy signal if the wrong number was dialed.

This could be adapted as an audio tour guide for a museum

How we did it

We gutted the phone case of unneeded components, determined how to get a signal of the rotary dial and installed electronics for an arduino to read this signal. We replaced the speaker in the headset with one that is headphone compatible. We installed an MP3 player that would play either a dial tone, busy signal, or the message, based on signals from the Arduino. We programmed the software to run a dial tone when the receiver is lifted, interpret the signal to a number dialed, and to play the message or the busy signal based on the number dialed.

The MP3 board didn't initially have all the functionality I wanted broken out to the driver, so I updated it and contributed it back to its github repository.

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