Seasonal Cycle of the Metis Museum Display

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Project: Seasonal Cycle of the Metis Museum Display (I)
Description: Museum display that turns choosing potential activities during the Metis year into an interactive puzzle
Skillset(s) :

Electronics Programming Python Raspberry Pi

Project Type(s) :

Interactive Display Museum Display

We set up a display for St. Andrews Heritage Centre that demonstrates how the early Metis community in Manitoba had to choose between more traditional activities and the ones desired by the developing settler communities. These activities were sometimes overlapping in time and distant in location, and so incompatible with each other. We set up an Interactive Display with arcade buttons to let a museum visitor choose a collection of activities. If the visitor chooses activities that are incompatible, the display would flag this and explain the reasons. While no one is using the display it would just display photos from the era.

The interactive display uses Pygame on a Raspberry Pi to receive input from the buttons and display to a computer screen.

The museum has a virtual tour of this display.

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