Red River Cart Wheel Squeak Display

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Project: Red River Cart Wheel Squeak Display (I)
Description: Museum display that plays sound when a wooden wheel is turned.
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Interactive Display Museum Display

The St. Andrews Heritage Centre asked us to build the electronics for a display where the visitor would be able to listen to the awful noise the ungreased wheels of a Red River Cart would make as they turn.

To make it a bit more interesting, the noise would be triggered by turning a model wheel mounted to the physical display, as supplied by the museum. We set up a hall sensor circuit to detect the wheel turning, and an Arduino to detect the hall sensor signal and use this as a signal to start playing a the squeaky wheel sound on an MP3 player.

During the initial discussions about this display we also built the prototype of a wooden, analog foley device to make wooden squeaks. The museum ended up building one of these as well for the display.

The museum has a virtual tour of this display.

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