Radio Display

From Squirrel's Lair
Project: Radio Display (I)
Description: Museum audio display that plays a short recording.
Skillset(s) :

3D Modelling 3D Printing Electronics Programming Woodworking

Project Type(s) :

Museum Display

The display is a wooden box that sits on top of an antique radio. It has a button, and when the button is pressed a short recording of an old radio broadcast for a hockey game is played.

How we did it

The electronics are enclosed in a birch plywood box, with power and speaker leads running out the back of the box and then down behind the radio so they are not easily visible.

There is a single button that is accessible by visitors, it is connected to a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, which monitors the button and when a button press is detected, it selects a random track (based on the number of tracks on the SD card) and then sends serial commands to a DFPlayer Mini board to begin playing.

The DFPlayer Mini board's output is connected to a 3W paper speaker that has been put inside the radio to make it appear that the sound is coming from inside the old radio chassis.

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