Font for inside and outside CNCing

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Project: Font for inside and outside CNCing (I)
Description: Font with minimum size for routing with a rotary bit.
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Graphic Design

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Personal Project

I needed a font for projects like Integrity Joint that would allow routing both the letters and the surroundings in the smallest size possible for a given cutter. The limit is that the cutter has to fit both the insides (black part) of the letters, but also the outsides and islands of the letters. I could not find a font that is optimized for this, so I created a set of vector letters. You can download them at Media:CNC_alphabet.svg and use them, but please link back here if applicable.

How we did it

The size of the letters is limited by having to fit the bit into each line and each island. So, a letter like "B" is the worst case scenario: it has three horizontal lines and two islands, so must be at least 5x the bit size and a tiny bit more. I started by creating the worst case letters and then added the others to look similar.

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