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Firefox extension ContextSearch provides customizable select-rightClick searches.

The user selects a piece of text on a page, right clicks, and chooses the search engine they want to use. The very basic functionality is available in many browsers at least for the default search engine, but ContextSearch allows you to add additional search engines, and also to use this for sites that aren't search engines at all but encode actions in their URL

Search use cases


Specific to Winnipeg - but similar would apply elsewhere

Stretch use cases

Right-click edits on mediawiki

ContextSearch can do some other things in cases where the URL encodes actions, and the actions don't need to be in a specific order. For example, usually mediawiki opens a page in edit mode by appending action=edit to the end of the URL, like but it will treat it the same if the URL has the action=edit before the title, e.g. This means you can use the following search string to select-rightClick open a page in mediawiki using the following "search" string:

Of course if you do this for a selected text that doesn't have a page on the mediawiki yet, it will try to create a new page for you.