Excell/VBA DOCSS Dialer

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Project: Excell/VBA DOCSS Dialer (I)
Description: File that plays DTMF tones based on numeric entries in an Excel file.
Skillset(s) :

Programming Visual Basic for Applications(VBA)

Project Type(s) :

Office Automation

Physicians in Manitoba use DOCSS to submit their billing. The system requires the user to dial in on a phone and press the right phone buttons to submit the info. The process is tedious. We created an Excel file using VBA to play DTMF phone sounds based on the contents of the excel file to automate the call-in process.

  • need file, zipped, to have all parts together.
  • Actioned 2021-10-31

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  • troubleshoot why this works over some phone lines but not others.
  • Actioned 2021-10-31

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