Emailer in MS Access VBA

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Project: Emailer in MS Access VBA (I)
Description: MS Access program using VBA to automate mailing personalized reports to >1000 people
Skillset(s) :

Programming Visual Basic for Applications(VBA)

Project Type(s) :

Office Automation

An organization uses LimeSurvey to request feedback about events attended. This stores data in a per-survey format. They wanted to automatically mail out attendance receipts to participants based on receiving such feedback.

I created an MS Access database that accesses this data, turns it into a per-participant format, populates a report and then emails it to each participant.

A draw back of this system is that it creates such a bolus of email from the account of the sender that some spam filters will flag it, but it works OK for internal emails.

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  • Actioned 2021-10-31

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