Dish Glove Rack

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Project: Dish Glove Rack (I)
Description: Pipe mounted dish glove rack
Skillset(s) :

3D Modelling

Project Type(s) :

Personal Project

I hate the smell of dish gloves that got wet inside and didn't get a chance to dry because they were just thrown in that cupboard under the sink, where they also look messy.

I thought hanging them over the drain pipe might be better, but that's hard to get at and they are still flat so they still don't dry right.

So I built a rack that clamps on the horizontal drain pipe that is otherwise just in the way of everything under that sink. This has been installed and working under my sink for several years now.

Also see Instructable.

How we did it

I 3D Modelled and 3D Printed the rack.

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