Car Winter Front

From Squirrel's Lair
Project: Car Winter Front (I)
Description: Custom fit winter cover for the vents in a bumper.
Skillset(s) :

CNC Machining Graphic Design Laser Cutting Vinyl Cutting

Project Type(s) :

Personal Project

My Suzuki SX4 didn't get very warm inside during really cold winter days, so I made a panel to cover the air intake. The car's front always looked like a face to me, so it got a smirk out of the deal, too.

I took a frontal picture of front of car, did a Shape Extraction, and added a smirk that fit the face of the car. The shape was too large to Laser cut, so I CNC Machined on the ShopBot out of a styrene sheet I had around, and added the smirk by Vinyl Cutting it and applying it to the sheet. It was attached with velcro to be able to remove it in the summer. The front lasted for several years; it eventually chipped a bit but was still installed when the car left.

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