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2022 January 12

2021 December 15

2021 December 11

  • curprev 22:1822:18, 2021 December 11Ttenbergen talk contribsm 3,808 bytes −319 No edit summary
  • curprev 22:1722:17, 2021 December 11Ttenbergen talk contribs 4,127 bytes +4,127 Created page with "{{TidBit| TidBit= I have some slower wikis on shared hosting where a page load can take >5s. If I can go straight to the edit mode of a page without first loading it in page view mode, I can save time. This is especially relevant when editing many pages at a time, such as during a cleanup of Mediawiki Extension RottenLinks. However it is done, the trick is to do the initial page load with a postfix to the URL of <code>&action=edit</code> (for regular edits) or <cod..."