3-axis ShopBot

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Uses software


  • Don't use an upcut bit on thin stock, it lifts and shreds it
  • Don't use an upcut bit on MDF unless you want to finish edges

How to use

power up

  • power button
  • key
  • stop button pulled
  • reset button pressed

moving axes

  • on position window, click "show keypad" (to right of joystick)
  • move to where you want
  • south-east corner is 0, north-south is x

z-axis zeroing

  • connect clip to chuck
  • test zero-plate against bit ("position" window inp1 should light up)
  • shopbot console, Cuts, c2 - zero z axis w/ Zzero plate

loading program

  • tools, PartWorks (whichever you are using)
  • ...

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One of those small stubby Sharpies will fit a .5" chuck (with one layer of electrical tape as a shim, anyway). This means we can output e.g. any sewing patterns downloaded on up to 4' by 8' paper.